Puja Directions
Talon Mini stun gun Sanatan Bengali Association (NL) is a new non profit organisation made up of young and professional Hindus, whose sole motive is to ensure that our rich culture and tradition is maintained, even whilst far away from shores. We perform Saraswati, Durga and Kali Puja and organise cultural programmes.

Over the years we had received a very good response from the community hence ensuring a highly successful puja festival. Apart from the Indian diaspora visiting our Puja, we have had local councillors as well as MP Jon Cruddas who joined in the celebrations. Last year our local MP Stephen Twigg, Hon Minister for Education, was able to join in the festivities as well. We also get the support and best wishes from the Indian High Commissioner and the Mayor of London, Mr. Ken livingstone.

Subsequently an annual brochure is published and this is well supported by the community and multinational and local companies, who participate in the festivities.

Every year we try and help the needy and try and make a difference with whatever monetary support we can afford. Last year, we contributed towards the Tsumani relief efforts of the Ramkrishna Mission, PortBlair, which was in itself, devastated by the terrible natural disaster.

We have needed to commission this web as a direct result of the growing needs and desire from the community to maintain our unique culture and tradition. We are also thankful to one of our member who has anonymously contributed to the first fibre glass protima of Durga Maa as well as Kali Maa, in the UK.We are also grateful to the many others who have contributed to the best of their endeavours, to make this association a vibrant one.
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